Medical-Legal Resources for Lawyers

• 20 years experience as a Nurse-Paralegal / Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC)
• Assisted on well over 1000 cases
• Worked with top Plaintiff and Defense attorneys in Texas and across the country
• Helped Plaintiff attorneys obtain millions of dollars for their injured clients
• Helped Defense attorneys save hospitals millions of dollars
• Methods and strategies to maximize attorneys' success,
    as well as save time, money and effort

With my background as a registered nurse (primarily ER) and certified paralegal — along with my many years of LNC experience — attorneys have found my assistance invaluable with a wide variety of cases, including: medical malpractice, personal injury, automobile accidents, work injury, product liability, food poisoning, risk management inquiries, and death investigation. Whatever medicolegal case you may have, I've probably worked on a similar one.

If you are an attorney who could use assistance with the medical aspects of a case, I can help. Here are some of the services I commonly provide:

• Review, analyze and summarize medical records
• Evaluate medical malpractice and personal injury cases
• Find medical experts; liaison with doctors and attorneys
• Create medical chronologies
• Organize medical records
• Bookmark and notate PDF’s of medical records
• Research medical literature and obtain articles
• Identify relevant standards of care, rules, regulations, protocols
• Assist with depositions, mediation, and trials
• Prepare deposition questions
• Assist with preparation of legal documents, such as POP’s and RFP’s
• Conduct investigational interviews
• Identify missing records and billing
• Help develop strategies for successful resolution of cases

A testimonal from a long-time client:

"I have had the opportunity to work with Philip for more than fifteen years both in my capacity as a private attorney representing patients and as Vice President of Legal Affairs of Triad Hospitals, Inc (a company that owned and operated acute care hospitals). Philip is an expert medical reviewer who combines substantial clinical and reviewing experience with an uncanny understanding of the standard of care and causation.

During my private practice, Philip was instrumental in deciding which cases to pursue and assisting our firm in preparing and trying the cases. During my time as a VP at Triad, Philip was utilized in cases with potentially significant damages to evaluate whether the standard of care was breached, whether any breach was the cause of the injury, and the significance of damages. Whether Philip assisted in the representation of a patient or the defense of a hospital he provided a fair and reasoned evaluation that was invaluable to the process."

Joe N. Johnson, Attorney
Plano, TX